Express Keratin Lash Lift Kit

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  • This kit comes with a ton of amazing high quality products. It will last long enough for you to make your money back and much more! 

Included in kit:

- Lash Lift Adhesive

- Lift & Set/Tint Lotion 

- Lash separator (to aline lashes on shields) 
- Keratin boost(to rehydrate natural lashes after lift or lamination), 5ml
- Small silicone shields(5 pack), medium silicone shields(5 pack)

Processing Times:

6 minutes fine lashes

7-8 minutes normal lashes

9 minutes coarse lashes

Step 2 is now a Set & Tint lotion. Please mix your tint in with Step 2, no developer needed. Cover the entire lash from tip to lash line. Process the time in which we have stated above. 

Any questions, please reach out